Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's not a racism, it's a lack of education...

Today my friend and I went to the same Barbar shop at different time. He was charged Rs 35/- and I was charged Rs 55/-. I began to think is it worth to pay extra Rs 20/- for using Hair clipper, (He shaved his hair completely so I assumed he used blade and I clipped it with a clipping machine), it's interesting to compare it.

Let's assume the 6 month warranty Hair clipper, costs Rs 600, lifetime is 3 years. It's unreasonably too much to charge Rs 20/- extra for a single use, considering how it makes it easier than manual shaving with a blade. I didn't see him shaving but, I don't think he use new technic to shave it, since the technology for shaving a hair doesn't improve that much. But the technology for making equipments has improved from actual Razor Knife to Razor Blade. Nowadays, we can easily buy "use and throw" Razor blade, specially to control HIV and others. This is anyway the Barbar's advantage, he saved a lot of time rather than sharpenning his Razor Knife which take skilled labour also.

I don't know about which schemes they have been using, but here in bangalore, for commercial use, power tariff is Rs 6.45/- per unit for first 50 units and Rs 7.45/- for those comsuming more than 50 units. A 20 watt Hair Clipper will not consume more than 50 Watt in a month. So using Rs 6.45/- per uinit, a 20 Watt Hair Clipper would consume 20 Watt x (15/60) = 5 Wh = .005 kWh in 15 minutes, which costs only Re 0.03/-.

This Re 0.03/- is much lesser than the money required to buy a single Razor blade to shave my friend's hair... And if we consider the amount of labour, we all know Machines make things easier...

Therefore, I conclude that it's unreasonable to charge Rs 20/- extra...

I didn't experience racism, I experienced illiteracy which reflects our leaders' failure to educate the people in more than 5 decades of Independent India. Our country will be developed only after literacy rate shoots up. In fact, it will improve the way we think and act, which will give internal strength to the Nation.

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